so fkin cute

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it’s good to be back home


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hey law, be a babe and like take me away rn


I find it interesting that so many people thought Connor was bland and emotionless. DUDE. THE MAN WAS SO FULL OF *FURY* THAT HE DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE HIMSELF! To me? He was the most rage-driven characters I’ve ever played as. If you thought he was just boring, you’re letting his demeanor fool you. I feel like they could’ve easily made Connor into a berserker-type character, the amount of anger issues the guy had. No lie, I kept calling him “Bruce Banner” when I was playing AC3.

late night tumblr posts include nude guys and the kenways~~~

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Câmara De Lobos, Madeira Island / Portugal (by ).


fucking thank you


Connor is DELICIOUS -w-


Error by Paweł Fabjański

THE last two hours is just me saying “wtf haytham, he’s your bloody son”


imagine your icon walking you into their room and saying in a gentle tone “Welcome to hell”


12 of the Saddest Locations and Encounters in Skyrim

Skyrim is a huge world, full of strange little secrets and places to explore. It’s so huge though, that you may have missed a number of the tragic, sad stories that hide themselves across the game. Stories of lost love, doomed friendships, and all kinds of depressing little stories that you may not have noticed, but deserve to be heard.

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